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Related article: Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:52:23 +0200 From: fleetwood Subject: african adventure: interacailI had just turned 14 and my father had promised to take me on a business trip with him to Senegal, he had raised me on his own since I was 3 and my mother had walked out on him. I was so excited because I'd never been out of South Africa before. We flew to Senegal and were greeted by a tall black man in a white safari suit. The first thing that intrigued me was his coal black skin, I'd seen black men before but never as dark as this man. I immediately glanced around the airport and sure enough there were more pitch black men in brightly coloured kaftans and white robes that almost resembled Arabs dress and coal black men in business suits. Their dark skin and white teeth contrasted starkly and as I watched these dark men moving around me I felt a tightening in my groin and a flood of lust burst through my body. My teenage cock twitched and thickened in the tight confines of my underpants and looking down I could see the pronounced bulge. As I looked up, the big black man greeting my father was staring at my crotch and as his eyes met mine he smiled a knowing smile and I saw lust flash into his eyes. I'd seen lust in men's eyes before when they looked at me, my father insisted I was my mother's double only the sex differed. I stood 5 ft. 8" with big blue eyes that were framed by thick dark eyelashes,curly blonde hair that framed my heart shaped face, full lips and a slight build which from behind looked completely female although I had been blessed with a 7+1/2 " cock that was thick and when I stood in front of my full length bedroom mirror looked completely out of proportion to my narrow hips and long tapered legs. My father boasted that I'd at least inherited a big cock from his side of the family. My father sported a very thick, cock that he claimed was about 10". I'd seen it often when flaccid and then it hung about 6+" over huge balls. I often had fantasies about my father's cock when I wanked mine in the privacy of my bedroom. Anyway the big black man who greeted us, ushered us through customs and into a large white Mercedes whereupon he drove us to his employer's home and while driving he constantly eyed me in the rear view mirror and together we stared into each other's eyes, just feeling the electrical current flowing between us. When the car stopped outside a big Victorian style home and the big black man had opened the door for us we disembarked. As I stood waiting for him to open the boot my father instructed me to follow him inside. On entering we were greeted by a middle aged English man who was balding with a pronounced belly and bright red nose covered in blue veins. He introduced himself as Hugh Oliver and while he ushered my father into his study for a drink he had another pitch black man in a white safari suit show me my bedroom upstairs. I followed the second black man into a large room with a huge 4 poster bed in the middle, he informed me that the driver would bring my luggage and left. I kicked off my shoes and was about to unbotton my shirt when the driver arrived. His name was Alfred and as he bent to place my suitcase on the bed I studied his big bubble butt. He turned and caught me and smiling broadly he inquired if he could draw a bath Preteen Videos for me,I thanked him and he entered the on suite bathroom and began running the water. I watched his Preteen Videos huge frame Preteen Videos as he walked away, he stood about 6 ft. 3" with typical African features and a thick bull neck that squared off into broad shoulders and a huge chest that tapered to hips and thick powerful muscular thighs. I'd unbottoned my shirt when Alfred entered the room and he'd hitch back a section of his safari suit top so that the prominent bulge in his crotch was visible. He inquired if there was anything else he could do for me, I looked towards my suitcase and said, "I'll need my bathrobe" and turned to open my suitcase when his deep baritone voice assured me that he'd locked the door and it was just the two of us, his reassuring smile won me over and boosted my confidence. I smiled back and began removing my shirt, I then unbuckled my belt and unzipped the fly to my trousers. His eyes followed my every move and the outline of his thickening cock down the leg of his trousers helped steady my nerves. I shucked my trousers down and stood in my underpants with a healthy bulge. His dark eyes were riveted on my crotch and his breathing had increased as I hooked my thumbs into the elastic and shucked my underpants down, exposing my semi erect cock that was a good 5" and thick. He caught his breath audibly as he viewed my outsized cock to proportion with my slender build. "Whoa! The young master has been blessed with much manhood I see." Said Alfred as he rubbed his bulging crotch. "Yes! My friends are jealous of my manhood." I boasted as I felt my cock twitch and begin to lengthen. "Wow! Your manhood Preteen Videos grows bigger!" Said Alfred in awe as his eyes were riveted on the big white cock on the slender pretty boy. The big black man stepped forwards and reaching out he grasped the now rock hard 7" cock and squeezed gently almost lovingly. The white boy looked down and was amazed and excited by the feel and contrast the huge black hand presented as it circled his throbbing cock and began to slowly wank it, drawing the forskin back to expose the dark red mushroom cock-head. It drew the skin back along the throbbing sharft until it was stretched taunt. The boy groaned quietly as he watched. "Mmmm!Your manhood is hot and hungry young master, as is mine!" Moaned the big black man. "Is your manhood hungry? Why don't you show me? Asked the pretty white boy with big blue innocent eyes. The big black man reached for his belt buckle with his left hand while he gently squeezed and wanked the young boy's throbbing cock. He began to struggle and the white kid reached over and unbuckled the belt and drew down the zip, opening the white safari trousers and displaying the boxers underneath. Alfred eventually released the throbbing cock and shucked down is trousers and boxers, exposing a huge throbbing, rock hard pitch black cock. The big mushroom cock-head was navy blue and thick veins ran the 10" sharft and beneath hung to huge balls the size of extra large chicken eggs. A bush of pubic hair crowned the extra thick base which tapered to the thick coal black cock and the boy grasped it in both hands and began wanking it vigorously until the big black man slowed him down. "Slowly master Wayne or I'll spill my seed to quickly, we have much time because the men are drinking and discussing business." Groaned the big black man in short gasps as he stepped back with his huge throbbing cock jerking with each heartbeat. Alfred unbuttoned his safari suit jacket to reveal a powerful muscular chest, covered in coarse black hair that tapered over a flat 6 pack and ended in his pubic bush. The big black man stepped out of his trousers and hefting is big balls into the palm of his hand, he grasped his massive cock at the base and with the other and squeezed it, forcing the already engorged cock to fill with more blood. His huge cock swelled to almost double the thickness and the huge navy blue mushroom cock-head cock was the size of a small apple and the skin was shining, it was stretched to its limit and precum oozed from the puffy slit. Wayne stepped forwards and kneeling grabbed the huge cock and began licking the cock-head, concentrating on the extended ridge. He licked around until his tongue reached underneath and finding the most sensitive spot beneath Preteen Videos he exerted pressure and licked upwards, broadening his tongue as it lapped over the puffy slit and collected the oozing precum as it's reward. Alfred groaned out loud as his hips thrust forwards instinctively searching for the warmth and when the boy found that sensitive spot, his body and cock jerked spasmodically as lust flooded his body like a runaway bush fire. The boy then crammed the huge navy blue cock-head into his mouth as he could and as he swirled his tongue he sucked, savouring the precum oozing freely from the puffy slit. Alfred grabbed his balls and pulled them downwards, preventing them from tightening and pulling up to his throbbing sharft thus preventing himself from rushing into an orgasm. He wanted to prolong this scene of a pretty white boy sucking his huge black cock because it was a sight he'd never experienced and which heightened his pleasure greatly. With saliva dripping and his mouth extended the young white boy sucked vigorous as he wanked the thick veiny black sharft, the moaning and groaning from the huge coal black man urged him on. He released the sharft with one hand and wrapped the strings of saliva that were dripping from his turn, around his finger and then he reached between the black man's muscular thighs and ran his finger up the crack of the huge bubble butt and located the rough rossette. He massaged and rubbed on it until it relaxed and he slowly inserted his finger. Alfred gasped aloud as his sphinter relaxed and the boy inserted his finger to the hilt. Wayne felt around until he located the postrate gland and once found he began stimulating it. Alfred groaned loudly and thrust is butt down onto the finger and his cock leapt with throbed. Wayne's mouth was flooded with precum and his jaw was stretched as the huge cock throbed against the back on his throat. Alfred was delirious with sensations he'd never experienced and before he knew what he was saying he was begging to be fucked by the pretty white boy. " Oh yeah!MMmmhh! That feel pretty darn good the way you fuck me with your fingers! Fuck me Wayne! Oh yes! Fuck me!" Groaned Alfred as he rotated his hips. Wayne stood and Alfred crawled onto the bed, he turned his head while on hands and knees and rotated his big black bubble butt. The boy reached into his suitcase and extracted a bottle of lubricant, he then coated his thick throbbing 7" cock and crawling up behind the huge black man and poured lubricant down the crack of the muscular bubble butt, then he worked it in with two fingers until Alfred had relaxed then he aimed his dark red cock-head at the pitch black puckered butt-hole and slowly eased his cock-head into it. The sphinter resisted temporary then his cock popped into the hot warm tunnel, he looked down as his cock began easing into the spasming black hole. Alfred groaned and the boy stopped and waited until the big black man was ready. When he felt Alfred push backwards he thrust gently and his cock sank into a tunnel of tight hot flesh and once in to the hilt he began a slow rocking motion that made Alfred cry out in pure lust. That cry was the signal and Wayne began to increase his thrusting, the big black man was babbling incoherently as he grasped his butt cheeks and stretching himself as wide as he could he thrust back on every inward thrust from the boy. Wayne suddenly stopped and extracted his cock, Alfred shreeked as he groped wildly for the thick throbbing white cock but Wayne quickly reassured him it was going back. Then Wayne told Alfred to lie on his back and lift his legs, the big black man obliged and the boy shoved pillows under him as he once again pushed his throbbing cock into the black butt-hole. Alfred placed his feet on the bed and lifted his hips as the boy began thrusting and as he reached for his huge black throbbing cock the boy pushed his hands away and leaning forwards without missing a stroke he lifted the huge black cock and opening his mouth he engulfed the navy blue head. Wayne sucked vigorously as he thrust with as much vigour and the big pitch black man's eyes rolled back in their sockets and his incoherent babbling began. The harder the boy sucked and fucked the louder Alfred got, and he reached down and grabbed his big black balls, tugging them as his head whipped from side to side. He was in complete Nivana. 10 minutes of this and he was thrusting his hips in a upward, backward rotation and as hard as he held onto his balls the cum boiled in them and burst free, racing the through his throbbing veiny sharft and exploding into the boy's mouth in jet after jet after jet. Bright white lights exploded in his head and his whole body caught fire as he experienced an orgasm as he had never encountered in all his fucking life. His screaming, hollowing and spasming butt-hole pushed the boy over the edge and he climaxed horny in the middle of Alfred's. After their spasming and groaning had subsided the boy fell onto the huge sweaty black torso and together their hearts raced until they slowed and the boy's cock softened and slipped from the tight black butt-hole. Alfred cried out in disappointment that Wayne reassured him that they would be repeating their performance as often as he liked and Alfred immediately opted for another round, but the boy said he had to make an appearance or his father would be annoyed. The big black man related reluctantly but extracted a promise for that night and the boy willingly agreed but stated that it was his turn to get fucked and the black man smiled sheepishly and replied they'd have to toss a coin.TO BE CONTINUED...
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